Frontend Developer

Opportunity – Front developer

Skills and Capabilities :

You are a developer with experience from JavaScript library React. From time to time you need to change in the older versions of JavaScript front-end and you are not afraid to do that.

Experience from operating system Unix/Linux is valuable. Experience from PostgreSQL or Oracle RDB database is beneficial.

As a person you are happy to share your knowledge and able to efficiently communicate with other development related roles in a cross functional team. You have experience from and enjoy working according to agile principles.

We are in the middle of a complex task to modernize the application, platform, working methods and development environment. This will not be a short journey and if you are open minded you can help us to make this transition easier.

Tasks :

The system developer will work with system analysis, requirements and development, technical frameworks, unit testing, component testing, automated testing within the cross functional teams.

Good communication ability with different types of stakeholders is vital. An excellent sense of delivering with quality is required.

 Client stack :

•  React + Redux

•  ECMAScript 2015

•  BabelJS

•  WebPack

•  CSS Modules

•  PureCSS

Development environment :

•  Node + NPM

•  BabelJS

•  WebPack

•  ESLint

•  Jest

•  FeathersJS

•  Browsersync

•  Jira and Confluence

•  Git and Github

•  The chosen standard for back-end communication is JSON RPG 2.0

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