Meet The Team

We are a group of like minded people who believe in values of building a community together, community sharing, empowering and sustainability. Our love for food, fun and passion of creating something unique brought us together. To able to do something important for our community that offered us so much is our goal.

Cultural integrity, diversity, unconscious bias, inclusivity is really important and we as a team believe in it and consider it as our responsibility to create awareness about it. Implementing it in our work culture and life style is really rejuvenating. Taking baby steps towards making a better world to live in.

Our core values at Prodify AB

  • Excellent communication
  • Strong technical prowess
  • Team players
  • Initiative takers
  • Knowledge sharing attitude
  • Friendly & responsive behavior
  • Empowerment
  • Sustainability
  • Power of WE.

We aim to be sustainable and practice it as much as possible. As we believe in it so much we took a step towards contributing to our dream of having sustainable future

Two apps were born out of passion and dream:

    • Evkarta (charge anywhere)- The app is designed to find Electric Vehicle(EV) charging stations near you for EV cars and we are live in Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland.
    • BookMyFood (for the love of food)- BMF is a unique platform to build a community and bring across our talented home chefs under one roof. It’s a one stop destination for wholesome and healthy meal alternatives prepared by our home chefs with diverse unique dishes from their culture. As home chefs they operate remotely and with way less manpower so their meals are significantly affordable than restaurants. As a community we need to fight food waste contributing for a sustainable future. We are currently live in Sweden.