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The time of Electrical Vehicles is here and it here to stay!

In the present scenario of rapidly deteriorating environmental conditions and depletion of fossil fuel resources, electric vehicles actually contribute to better air quality by producing no carbon dioxide emissions over its entire lifetime. It may represent a small niche market today, but it is steadily growing. It is predicted that by 2025, 20% of all new cars sold globally will be electric. In view of this upcoming change, it is important to shape the EV charging ecosystem and this is where evKarta comes in.

What does this app do?

A network of electric charging stations is crucial for an EV driver especially when preparing to tread distances longer than that allowed by their EV’s autonomy. These stations could be anywhere, from public parking spots, office premises, hotels & restaurants, shopping centers to private properties or even limited access stations. evKarta is a simple and user-friendly app, that lets you search, filter and track EV charging stations near you. You can customize your profile that responds to your needs, build your own favourites, save your filters, check-in, post comments, add photos, rate stations and more. Currently active in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, we are coming soon to your country.

Join our growing EV community that is committed to help you charge anywhere!
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