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“Believe in the Opportunities,Listen to the Facts, Act upon Market Needs

“Prodify AB is a young IT consulting company, which is constantly evolving to provide design, development and strategy planning services to clients who believe in capturing the opportunities of digitalization.

We are a team of enthusiastic developers focussed on the retail sector.
offering design, advancement and strategy preparation solutions.
We give each task an alluring mix of transmittable excitement and fresh concepts, developed via an extensive training procedure.

Our Team has a distinctively culture packed with enthusiastic people who care more about your success.

In order to achieve our Business and Organizational development, it is important to have global talent at our fingertips!

We believe recruiting internationally widens our talent pool and allows us to root out the expertise that candidates worldwide have, rather than restricting to limited resources in one country. (Culture diversity)

Having a more culturally diverse workplace benefits everyone. Larger numbers of our customers will feel more closely in line with our deliverables, and services whose mission they feel inspired by and that they identify with.
We want to see this as an opportunity rather than a challenge! By doing so we see alternative perspective to our problems, adapt our processes to make deliverables more efficient and benefit from various creative new strategies to our market challenges so we can continue to deliver measurable, sustainable results for our clients and our communities.

Prodify AB workplace will be a more dynamic and inspiring place to be.

“Focusing on projects which contributes to Social responsibilities”

 [Example – City Infrastructure, Health sector, Sustainability products such as batteries for electric vehicles etc.]

“We Believe in the opportunities,Listen to the market, to the fact, to customer,Act on the plans”